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Today is, Monday, 15 July 2024
2024 Contests



CQ Worldwide VHF Contest
20-21 July 2024
20-21 July 2024
ARRL 10GHz & Up Contest
17-18 August 2024
ARRL September VHF Contest
14-15 September 2024
ARRL 10GHz & Up Contest
21-22 September 2024
OK-DX RTTY Contest
20-21 December 2024

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Please distribute widely:

New ARRL Contest Club Eligibility Rules Changes - and new FAQs - is now on the ARRL web at www.arrl.org/contest-club-tools

There are three primary changes:

  • Online uploading of club rosters,
  • Use of six-character grid locators as club center and for eligible member locations, and
  • Deadline for submitting member eligibility lists is now the contest start time

This is a dynamic document, so there may be updates from time to time as warranted.


I found grid locator maps at DX Zone Grid Locator Maps

With this site Enter your address, or call sign, or any grid square
Amateur Radio Ham Radio Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map

VHF Rovers checkout RoverLog Logging Software
(very easy to use and free)..

When the contest is over don't forget to submit your log
ARRL Contest Log Submission

Also submit your sores here