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Kenwood TS-570
Repeater Antenna The new repeater antenna and hardline went 220 feet up on the tower on 28 August 2018...

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Lockport Amateur Radio Association is hosting:
FCC Amateur Radio License Testing
Lets all make use of these opportunities to upgrade
or get involved in ham radio...
The websites below can be used to take practice exams to get ready...

AA9PW Ham Study NC4FB


January Meeting: Monday, 14 January 2019 @ 7:30PM(19:30).

February Meeting: Monday, 11 February 2019 @ 7:30PM(19:30).


Today is Thursday, 13 December 2018
2019 Events
ARRL RTTY Roundup *5-6 January 2019
LARA Hamfest26 January 2019
Winter Field Day26-27 January 2019
Dayton Hamvention17-19 May 2019
ARRL June VHF Contest8-9 June 2019
ARRL Field Day21-23 June 2019
Ocarc Picnic10 August 2019
International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend17-18 August 2019
ARRL September VHF Contest14-15 September 2019
New York QSO Party19 October 2019
OCARC Christmas Party9 December 2019

* New Rules for eligibility in ARRL contests.
See Contests page.